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Iconography of The Nothing Part III

It's a bludgeon!

The color blue is often associated with relaxing, tranquil scenes. On the other hand, it’s also a color associated with sadness. Maybe it’s some mix of these competing ideas that sparks something in Ren when coming across this seemingly unremarkable household item, or maybe it’s something else. Either way it’s the closest weapon at hand…


Iconography of The Nothing Part II

I wouldn't call this an average day...

In countless stories throughout history, the hero gears up for battle, donning armor, or weapons, or talismans to prepare them for battle against some enemy or force of darkness. In The Nothing a simple bathrobe is the uniform of our hero, an unwitting adventurer ripped away from everything he knows.

Costume design and wardrobe play a significant part in the storytelling of The Nothing,  and the bathrobe worn by our protagonist, Ren, symbolizes, amongst other things, how very unprepared our characters are to find themselves in the strange circumstances they awake to. Ren isn’t an action hero, and the events that unfold over the course of our story are the very last things he is prepared for.

Iconography of The Nothing

Sometimes you still bum a light...

The characters in The Nothing come across many seemingly normal objects that resonate deeply in their hearts, and trigger certain responses in them.  A battered old lighter doesn’t have a lot of use, particularly without any fluid, does it?

Meet “The Brain Trust”

Left To Right: Jeff Boyet, Josh Childs, Justin Baker & Derek R. Stogner

At the core of this project, are four men who have been working towards this feature for over 2 years. It’s been a long and winding road, starting with tiny short film projects and big ideas,  and we are all very excited about being on the precipice of seeing The Nothing become, well, something.

We are also very excited to have all of you come along for this journey. We hope that this site will not just be a marketing platform for our film, but a place where people can watch the entire process of seeing a fully independent passion project like this come to fruition. And at some point, we hope many of you become involved. The only way The Nothing will be a success is if there is a grassroots movement of people that believe in the story we are trying to tell.

So we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves, if you click here, or click the CREW link on the right, you can find out more about what we’ve started to jokingly refer to as “The Brain Trust.”

Also stay tuned to this site, as a little bird has told me we will have some casting announcements very soon. Or maybe it was Big Bird… I can’t recall…

From The Producers of The Nothing…

In 2008, the “braintrust” behind The Nothing participated in the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. The following is our submission. This entire film was conceived, written, shot, edited, and finished in only 48 hours.  It was a blast of a weekend, and we had a lot of fun goofing around, and I think that comes across in this flick. Keep an eye out for Young and The Restless star Tricia Cast and Nashville singer/songwriter Bat McGrath.