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The First Concept Image and Plot Details for “The Nothing.”

Five men stare out into...

As we get closer and closer to starting production on The Nothing, we are beginning to dream up some of the iconic images that represent the film and will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The image above introduces you to the backs of our five main characters, who you will learn more about in the coming weeks, as well as the men playing them. Keep a particular eye out for the man in the middle, the guy who thinks it’s cool to wear a bathrobe in company.

I don’t want to say too much about where these guys are, or what they are looking out into, but I can say this will be a key image in the film (I’m such a tease!)

We are also have prepared this short description of the story of The Nothing:

The faith of five strangers is put to the test when they awake to find themselves in a mysterious place, with no idea of how they got there… and no way out.

Stay tuned, kiddies!


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