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As we get ever closer to a shoot date and all the great cast and crew announcements (and more!) that come along with it, we’ve really spent a lot of time getting to the core of what we are about and what we are trying to say with this film.

I figure the best way to do that is to keep giving tantalizing tidbits that have no substance what so ever but are evocative and keep you coming back for more (hey, it’s worked for LOST for 6 years!), but as I was resoundingly shouted down (and somebody, SOMEBODY threw a SHOE… I’m looking at you Boyet…) we have prepared a longer plot synopsis that hopefully gives you a much clearer idea of the story of The Nothing. Enjoy!

Ren Dubbin, a man struggling to reconcile his spiritual convictions with his crippling fear of the unknown, awakes in an eerie, ramshackle barn with four strangers. None of them have any memory of how they got there. Their attempt to escape ends when they open the doors to find the barn floating in an inexplicable and endless expanse of emptiness and total darkness. Nothing.  As they grapple to uncover the mystery that surrounds them they come face to face with an uncomfortable truth; when you gaze in to the abyss, it gazes back in to you. The oppressive nothingness outside and bizarre events inside bring to light the men’s deepest fears, doubts, failings, and beliefs. When their situation appears to grow hopeless, the men’s attentions turn to reflections on life and death, faith, God and– ultimately– the afterlife.


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