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Exploring Character Part III: Clark & Lane


In other words, apart from the known and the unknown, what else is there? – Harold Pinter

“It doesn’t matter. Does it? “Where” we are, or if everything else still exists… None of it matters. It doesn’t change the situation.” – Clark in THE NOTHING

The most enigmatic of the five men. Clark’s disheveled appearance, piercing eyes, and stoic responses to the chaotic events around him arouse curiosity in the others, a curiosity which slowly turns to suspicion.


“The unexamined faith is not worth having.” – Elton Trueblood

“Well, I’m certainly not a sinner.” – Lane in THE NOTHING

Religion is a severe weapon when wielded without the grip of grace, and Lane does so with both hands.  His naivety causes him to live by platitudes and bumper sticker Christianity, and the shallowness of his beliefs makes him, perhaps, the most dangerous one among them.


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