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Full Cast Table Read of THE NOTHING

Click on this picture to see all the stills from the table read.

Last night we held our full cast table read at Grace Chapel in Leiper’s Fork TN. This was our first chance to hear everyone together reading the script (minus the talented Elise Glasser, who was unable to attend, and was missed).

For me, it was great to hear all the voices come together on a project we’ve been working on for so long. After over two years of working on The Nothing, it was great to see life breathed into these characters that have been taking up residency in my head for so long. And I’m thrilled to say that the cast of incredible Nashville area actors we’ve amassed are already bringing things to these characters that surpass anything that was in my mind while Josh and I were writing.

We’re full steam ahead with rehearsals coming up, sets being designed, and video content being produced for this site. And with principle photography starting in early July, The Nothing is now something. So stay tuned to this site and our facebook page for all the latest updates, and all the awful “nothing” puns you can eat! But no plate sharing!

You can also check out all the stills from the table read right here.


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