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Hey everybody,

Josh’s college buddy Aaron wrote a very flattering (and nicely promotional) piece on our project and his thoughts on the script over on his blog “Rollin’ with Dice” that you can check out here. You should also check out and “follow” the blog in general, because it’s pretty cool, and has lots of LOST talk, which I’m all about.

Additionally, our own Jeff Boyet has taken it upon himself to transform his family vacation to Florida in to a bit of a viral marketing blitz. You can view the photographic evidence here.

And here is a little peek behind the curtain: at our final rehearsal before we are actually on set, I left my digital camera sitting on some jazzercise equipment. Luckily, the great people at the facility we rehearsed at picked it up for me, but not before I had to write an email that said, “Uh, yeah, I think I left a green KODAK digital camera in the gym on some jazzercise equipment.” This was in no way embarrassing.

Speaking of cameras, there may be something very unorthodox about the camera we use to shoot this feature, but more on that later. Unless it doesn’t work out, in which case, please delete that sentence from your personal memory banks. Thank you.


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