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Leipers Fork Location Wrap!

After 8 long and sweaty nights, we’ve wrapped at our Leipers Fork location. Our cast and crew beared no small amount of discomfort to deliver some simply amazing performances and footage. We are literally giddy like school girls (trust me, our titters echoed throughout the barn) with what was shot.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the various stresses of indie filmmaking, not only was every single person involved beyond professional, we all had a great time as well.  The video on the top of this post shows it.

Jeff Boyet as "Ren"

We shot over 70 pages in merely 8 days (a typical Hollywood movie shoots 3 pages on a good day, to give you some comparison), and more importantly we shot 70 incredible pages. I couldn’t be prouder of what we accomplished. There was a general feeling on the set that we may have something special on our hands.

Stay tuned over the next month or so, as we’ll have updates from the shoot days on our remaining locations. Thanks to you, the people, for all your support and encouragement via facebook and whathaveyou, it’s meant a lot. And thanks most of all to our cast and crew, for making The Nothing something.

See ya real soon.



We are nearly there, folks. Principal Photography begins in only a week. That’s but 7 earth days, ya’ll. The production team here at Released Pictures International Global National Headquarters is definitely in crunch mode. There are sets to dress, rehearsals to finalize, crew positions to lock down, meetings a plenty to be had, and about 749 tons of paperwork to be buried beneath. But we’re not complaining (much) because WE ARE MAKING A MOVIE!

And once production begins, stay tuned right here for all the latest updates. Yours Truly will be blogging on location throughout the shoot. And we are preparing to up the video content we put out starting with this very post.

Also, if you want to take a moment to check out all the amazing people that are making this project come alive, keep tabs on our CREW and ABOUT pages, as they have been updated, and will continue to be updated, with crew on the crew page (obviously) and an ongoing and sure to be endless SPECIAL THANKS section on the about page.

Now that I surely have you chomping at the bit with THE NOTHING FEVER, here’s a prescription to cool your brow: Two clips from our cast table read. The first is from an early scene shortly after the characters are first confronted with what’s outside those barn doors. The second features Lane and Bud, and gives you a glimpse into the dynamics of their, shall we say, strained relationship.

Newest Updates

Hey everybody, we have a couple of new updates for you today.

First of all, the Producers of THE NOTHING are thrilled to announce the addition of Kenda Benward to our cast! Kenda is an amazing actress, and she will be bringing her unique talents to the role of Denise. You can check out her bio on our cast page, which you can find by clicking the link at the top of this site.
Also, I’ve just added some candid stills I took at a recent rehearsal, and those can be found right here.

We’ve also been busy shooting some interview footage with the cast and producers where we have gotten their insights into the script, the rehearsal process, and each other. We’ll have that up very soon.
Our shoot date is getting very near, and things are heating up. Keep checking here and on our facebook page for all the latest updates.

Full Cast Table Read of THE NOTHING

Click on this picture to see all the stills from the table read.

Last night we held our full cast table read at Grace Chapel in Leiper’s Fork TN. This was our first chance to hear everyone together reading the script (minus the talented Elise Glasser, who was unable to attend, and was missed).

For me, it was great to hear all the voices come together on a project we’ve been working on for so long. After over two years of working on The Nothing, it was great to see life breathed into these characters that have been taking up residency in my head for so long. And I’m thrilled to say that the cast of incredible Nashville area actors we’ve amassed are already bringing things to these characters that surpass anything that was in my mind while Josh and I were writing.

We’re full steam ahead with rehearsals coming up, sets being designed, and video content being produced for this site. And with principle photography starting in early July, The Nothing is now something. So stay tuned to this site and our facebook page for all the latest updates, and all the awful “nothing” puns you can eat! But no plate sharing!

You can also check out all the stills from the table read right here.

The Nothing Official Cast Announcement

The producers of The Nothing are thrilled to announce our cast.

We are blown away by the talent we have found and are proud to have a cast filled with some of Nashville’s most gifted and compelling actors.

The cast is led by Jeff Boyet as Ren, Jared Carter as Lane, Jeremy Childs as Bud, Jeff Durham as Clark, and Shawn Whitsell as Eli, five men who awake to find themselves trapped in an eerie and ramshackle barn. Total strangers to each other, and with no memory of how they got there, the mystery deepens when they open the barn doors to find everything they know gone and replaced by an endless expanse of nothingness.

The Nothing will also feature Allison Allen, Elise Glasser, Derek R. Stogner, and Jeff Lewis.

For more info check out the full cast page HERE, or by clicking on the CAST link at the top of this website.